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Recently Featured Authors

The Day I Died But Now Live by Serenia Farrell"The Day I Died But Now Live"
by Serenia Ferrell

On sale for $15

This book is about one woman's journey as she shares her stories through recollected adversities.

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Book: My Two Bishops & Mother by Avalon S. Brown "My Two Bishops & Mother"
by Avalon S. Brown

On sale for $12.99

Let's Talk About It - Book by Tanesha Rivers"Let's Talk About It"
by Tanesha Rivers

Sale price $20.00

When life causes you to lose friends, family, and tangible things, what do you do? Who do you call? Is being empty a part of Life?

Author Ann SpearmanAnn Spearman
"Reflection of a Great, Mighty, Magnificent God"
Sale price $10.95
She explains that "This book was written to express my gratitude to our great God for the many times that he has saved me and my family from dangers seen and unforeseen."

Denise McAllister - The Making of Mama DeniseDr. Denise McAllister
"The Making of Mama Denise"
Sale price: $17.00

This book is a collaboration of self-composed poetry, messages, and presentations speaking from a mother's heart. The words in this book are full of wisdom, encouragement,  and foresight, creating in every reader's heart the ability to discern that giving up is not an option. 

Bishop Elroy Benn - Lord I'm OpenBishop Elroy Benn
"Lord I'm Open"

Sale price: $15.00

This book challenges the reader to be open and available to do the will of God.

Power of PrayerPower of Prayer and Scriptural Healing
By Crossroads own
Min. Patricia Williams

Our Price $15.00

This is a powerful book that teaches you how to rely on the Word of God for your healing in any circumstance, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It combines the power of prayer with daily Scripture readings to bring you into a closer relationship with the Lord and strengthen your belief in His Word.

Rocking Your Curves Rocking Your Curves
By Pam Bowers-Smith

Our Price $10.99

This nonfiction book celebrates women and their curves, seen as not just physical curves but obstacles/challenges that enter into a woman's path and cause her to doubt her self-worth.

God Is a Keeper God Is A Keeper
By T'nita Perry

Our Price $14.00

If you are going through a dark time in your life, this book is to encourage you that God can keep you and bring you through whatever it is you might be facing; if you can just hold on and don’t give up.

I Am Beautiful by Linda Wiggins-EdwardsI Am Beautiful
By Linda Wiggins-Edwards

Take just one look, and you will see, God sees beauty in you and me. So begins I Am Beautiful! Joyful and playful, Brianna and her friends eagerly share the things they appreciate about themselves and their families. Linda Wiggins-Edwards introduces the God's Angels characters, created to show children they are special to God and that true beauty is found on the inside. Join Brianna and all of God's Angels in this vivid rhyme of gratitude.

Our price $10.00

The Arrival of Esther by Carolyn M. Corbett, M.R.E.

The Arrival of Esther 
By Carolyn M. Corbett, M.R.E.

The Arrival of Esther was written to empower, inspire and motivate women globally. 
 Take a journey back in time to follow a young orphaned Jewish girl who was destined for greatness.  After her parents' death, she was adopted by her cousin.  This loving man cared for her as a spiritual father and prepared Esther for her destiny.

Our price $13.99

By Faith:
A Marriage Building Devotional
By Ricky & Shauna Carty

How do Christian couples make marriage last in a time of frequent divorce? By Faith. Through this collection of Bible-based devotions, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky and Shauna Carty share how each couple can strengthen their marriage by renewing their commitment and faith in God. 

Specially Priced: $10.00

Divinely Chosen
by Dr. Doretha Smith

This book will captivate and speak to those who can identify that though there are struggles or infirmities, the Lord God can bring you through.  He has the Master Plan.

Specially priced at $12.99

Don't Judge Me... Love Me by Dr. Jill MattocksDon't Judge Me... Love Me
by Dr. Jill Mattocks

Grab your fiance, partner, wife/husband or significant other and dive deep into the questionnaire Dr. Jill mattocks has been administering for six years. She adamantly and boldly presents the questions you've never thought about asking. If you're engaged, considering marriage or married, this book is for you. 

Specially priced at $19.95

Life Won't Wait by Sherabim AllenLife Won't Wait
by Sherabim Allen

You can live a full, productive, and victorious single life to the glory and honor of God! You can have the testimony of being a focused, single Christian woman!

Specially priced at $12.99

Changing of The Guards by Dr. Mamie TolbertChanging of The Guards
by Dr. Mamie S. Tolbert

Changing of The Guards is about spiritual principalities and the affect that they have on people, places and things. This book will awaken your spiritual senses and make you aware of the very real and active supernatural world.

Specially priced at $14.00

Complete Deliverance by Willie TolbertComplete Deliverance
by Apostle Willie Tolbert

Far too many people are afflicted and distressed and downtrodden, and don't know why or what to do about it. Many times, when we use the term deliverance these days, we are speaking of someone needing to be set free from demonic spirits. While that is part of what God has laid on my heart for this book, the message of Complete Deliverance goes much further. 

Specially priced at $14.00

I Married a Preacher with Deep Dark Secrets by Caroline EllisI Married a Preacher with Deep Dark Secrets
by Caroline Ellis

This book openly and explicitly discusses one woman's shock and pain after marrying the man she loved. Her world turned upside down and became a living nightmare when she became faced with the truth.
Specially priced at $15.00

The Church Held Hostage
by Rev. Alfred Dingle

Through these writings, awareness, and enlightenment will come to this devastating quagmire that plagues many of our churches. We will no longer continue to be in danger of being The Church Held Hostage.

Specially priced at $13.95

Bro. "Al's" Inspirational Corner
by Elder "Al" Bryant

Specially priced at $15.00

Symphony of Sympathy
by Jackie A. James

This book is a collection of sympathy poems written for close friends and family members by the author. These poems were written from the deceased view points as if they were saying their final goodbyes to their loved ones.

Specially priced at $12.99

It Was the Devil All Along
by Avalon Brown

Working as a nurse for many years, Avalon climbed the management ladder, proving she was capable to those who criticized her. Often her struggles seem unfair, but what Avalon has come to realize is that these trials have only made her stronger, and the problem is neither her or her peers: It Was the Devil All Along.

Specially priced at $15.00

The Kid with the Cast Iron Stomach
by Dee Sterling

The young and the young at heart will enjoy meeting Treamont and his multi-cultural group of friends. You'll laugh as this endearing little fellow eats his way through the story and into your heart! You'll find that this is a wonderful book worth reading time and time again.

Specially priced at $12.00