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Crossroads of LifeAre you searching for the best deals on Christian books, gifts, and merchandise?

Crossroads of Life is a Christian bookstore located in Hillside, New Jersey, that offers competitive prices on all your favorite authors and titles for books, music, and videos. With more than 30 years of bookstore-managing experience, we provide quality customer service and a variety of merchandise and gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Our inventory is stocked with thousands of books, music, and videos for all ages and preferences. Contact us today and save.

Our Mission:
The mission of Crossroads Bookstore is to reach and provide individuals and churches with quality service, products, and training that glorify God and enhance the ministry of the Church.

Crossroads' History

Crossroads of Life Bookstore, 1976 Crossroads of Life Bookstore ministry opened its doors on June 10, 1976, with a vision of reaching the community with Christian education materials and training. One area of emphasis is on materials for African American Christians. Resources for this population traditionally are very limited and there is a great need in the community for these materials. God has graciously allowed us to see 30+ years of his amazing keeping Power and Miracles. By Crossroads still being in business today, it is a tribute to god's faithfulness. We are still committed to providing quality products to the Christian community. One means of keeping individuals abreast of the latest materials is through our Crossroads Urban Christian Education Association and training workshops.

We Carry in Stock:

Communion Ware:
Communion Trays, Cups, Kits, Etc.

Weddings, Funerals, and All Occasions

Baptism, Membership, Award, Special Occasions

Some clergy robes are in stock, however "quick ship" robes can be received within 48 hours of ordering with special shipping. Robes shown in catalogue do not include postage, pressing cost, robe bag and hangar.

Sunday School Curriculum Materials:
Urban Ministries (UM), Union Gospel Press, National Baptist, Echoes, and Others.

Crossroads of Life